The Long and short of it

AS THE late summer sun beats down on Hong Kong, young street-wise fashion pundits are going for a style that's cool and comfortable, yet classy.

The long and the short of it is a look that is both sexy and demure . . . thigh revealing shorts teamed with a long skirt or sleeveless coat dress that has been given a 90s flair.

See-through chiffon over skimpy shorts is also a popular style - giving a hint, as well as a flash, of bare flesh.

In the boutiques of Central, the Review found the end of the summer stock on the sales racks - with prices slashed by up to 50 per cent at many stores - and selected variations on the long and short theme.

At the Landmark's Twiggy Boutique, a delicate blue, yellow and green chiffon flowing dress-cum coat was teamed with sensible navy blue shorts.

At Cheri in the Prince's Building, tan stripes on fawn gave a long coat dress extra length and was matched with high cut figure hugging shorts.


In The Galleria, designer Vivienne Tam had a sophisticated black coat dress featuring peek-a-boo cut outs in that seventies favourite, cheesecloth, and matching three-quarter leggings.

A feature of this summer's hot street look is splits - and for the coat dress they are high and there are lots of them.

Often slashed to the waist, the sleeveless coats are given extra movement by the slits, as well as an extra glance of bare leg. We took to the streets for our own shot at the look of the moment and also spoke to the young women who have wrapped up in this long and short style.

One girl was dressed in a lovely green chiffon all-in-one jungle print long, slit dress and short under dress, which showed off her long legs without revealing all.


''I love the coolness of chiffon and the way it moves - and being tall I think a long dress looks good.'' Another was in a grey-green, military inspired dress that cut away at the waist to reveal straight-cut shorts. She said she chose the style because of its two-in-one versatility.

''I can cover up when I want to, or I can let it be open and cool.'' And for another dressed in her favourite colour white, a chiffon dress with thin shoulder straps, side splits and all-in-one shorts suit was something she could wear day or night.


But it was the word comfortable that was used by all the wearers of the flash and hide style.