Action taken at cluttered street

I REFER to the letter headlined, ''Street now so cluttered'' (South China Morning Post, August 6), from J. Sullivan, concerning obstruction in Jupiter Street, North Point.

Investigations carried out by staff of this department revealed that there were obstructions on the pavement and road surface at the junction of Jupiter Street and King's Road. The shop operator concerned was subsequently prosecuted twice for causing obstruction to our scavenging operations.

The fruit hawker involved in the complaint has ceased business as a result of action taken by the department's General Duties Team which will continue to carry out hawker raids in this area to deter illegal hawking activities.

The abandoned car is parked on the side of a building site within a private lot. Action is being taken to liaise with the owners of the land to have the vehicle removed.

Should your correspondent require further information, he is welcome to call me at 563 4684.

WONG IP-WAH Acting District Health Superintendent (Eastern) for Director of Urban Services