They said it this week

HAN ''It may take 100 attempts to get back into my country, but that is my intention.'' - Mainland labour activist Han Dongfang, bundled out of China and over the border at Lowu, less than a day after unexpectedly returning home from the US.

ACKERMAN ''We do not want this to turn into a game of ping-pong with Mr Han as the ball.'' - US Congressman Gary Ackerman, chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee's sub-group on the Asia Pacific region.

CHONG ''We just don't know where to turn now, it seems everything has failed.'' - Ivy Chong, daughter of Hong Kong businessman Chong Kwee-sung, held in China without charge for two years over a commercial dispute.

WONG ''Bringing up a child is not easy. And parents of Down's Syndrome children need more help from the community.'' - Health and Welfare Secretary Elizabeth Wong, pleading for tolerance after the attack on a Down's Syndrome Association centre in Tung Tau Estate.

YUNG ''The domestic helpers are immune from rising costs in housing, food, fuel and light. We, the employers, pay the bills.'' - Betty Yung, Hong Kong Employers of Overseas Domestic Helpers' Association chairman, putting the case for restricting a rise in maids' wages to $300 instead of the $600 asked for.

BORLONGAN ''Most of the employers are Chinese. They eat a lot. We have to work for long hours to prepare meals and snacks for them.'' - Asian Domestic Workers' Union president Remy Borlongan.

CHI ''Their minds are imbued with money and they have violated the laws and party discipline.'' - Defence Minister Chi Haotian, describing Chinese communists who have fallen from grace.

CURETON ''It appears that the justification for the surcharge has disappeared so naturally we are expecting a rebate.'' - Hongkong Bank's Tim Cureton, speaking after his company claimed a rebate of at least $100,000 from Hongkong Telecom. Telecom's chargesfor fax lines are under question and 170,000 customers could theoretically follow suit.

PEILLOD ''It is a show - and I don't like it.'' - United Nations doctor Patrick Peillod, criticising the airlifting of a small number of casualties from Sarajevo to Britain and Sweden.

PATTEN ''We've still got to get rid of all those Laura Ashley fabrics. Everything has to be negotiated with the Treasury.'' - Laura Patten, quoted in a British magazine, on her problems with the decorations at Government House.

MONDORE ''We laid there together and we had a cigarette together. It was almost better than sex. In the 20 years of my police career, I have never felt so fulfilled.'' - Detective William Mondore who rescued America's ''Tuxedo King'' Harvey Weinstein, kidnapped and held in an underground dungeon for 12 days.