Where to ... Enjoy specialty Chinese food

William Mark

Lung Hwa Hotel, 22 Ha Wo Che, Sha Tin, tel: 2691 1828. 'Its open garden is so relaxing. You have to have the roast pigeons - they are the best in Hong Kong. The pigeons are first soaked with spice stock and then deep fried. After they're cooked, the pigeons preserve a subtle flavour of the spice.'

Forum Restaurant, 485 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, tel: 2869 8282 (pictured). 'The chefs make dim sum with the best ingredients. The shark's fin dumpling and the bird nest dumplings in superior stock are excellent. Even the home-style dishes such as fried beef with ginger and garlic are better than anywhere else because the chefs don't use tenderiser, which destroys the flavour and texture.'

Snow Garden Restaurant, 233 Electric Road, North Point, tel: 2571 4226. 'You can't miss the fillet of Mandarin fish - made in two styles but served in one dish. One style is stir-fried fillet which retains the natural flavour; the other is deep fried fillet with sweet and sour sauce. A lot of Westerners love it.'

Shark's Fin City Restaurant, UG F8, Olympian City One, 11 Hoi Fai Road, West Kowloon, tel: 2271 4328. 'The shark's fin offered here is very good value for money. You can't imagine how many different dishes are made using shark's fin.'

City Chiu Chow Restaurant, 1/F East Ocean Centre, 98 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2723 6226. It has so many colloquial Chiu Chow dishes and the flavours are not too strong or exotic. The pudding stirred with fried crabs is fantastic. The fried turnip absorbs the sauce from the fried garlic crabs and it is just wonderful.'