Pleistocene Extinctions
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Extinct: The Sabre-Toothed Tiger

Pearl, 9pm

With 15-centimetre long teeth, the Smilodon Fatalis or sabre-toothed tiger was one of the most savage and merciless killing machines to have stalked the Earth. But why did they die out? Could these ruthless predators simply have run out of prey?

Third Watch

Pearl, 11.50pm

In his ongoing quest to join the police sniper team, Bosco (Jason Wiles) befriends an embittered but wily squad veteran, Glen Hobart (Gerald McRaney), who instructs him in the art of distance shooting. Meanwhile, the cops search for an armed and drug-addled thief, and Yokas' (Molly Price) latest scary incident on patrol prompts her to ponder taking the test to earn a desk job as a sergeant.

No Man's Land

Pearl, 9.30pm

Danis Tanovic's (above) debut film, about the futility of the Bosnian war, stars Branko Djuric as Ciki, a Bosnian soldier who escapes Serbian gunfire by diving into an abandoned trench in no man's land. Nino (Rene Bitorajac), a Serbian soldier, sneaks into the trench and finds Ciki. Though both men are armed and dangerous, they are unable to escape without getting shot at by either side. When an English journalist, Jane Livingston (Katrin Cartlidge), gets wind of the story, a media frenzy breaks out across the front. (2001)


Movie 2, 11.20pm

Julie Lopes-Curval's debut feature closely observes the lives of the inhabitants of Cayeux, a small French seaside town, over the course of one year as their lives and fortunes intertwine and change. Paul (Jonathan Zaccai) works as a lifeguard. His sister is employed at the local casino, a building frequented by their mother, Rose (Bulle Ogier). Rose is retired from a pebble processing factory that currently employs Paul's girlfriend, Marie (Helene Fillieres, above), and is lorded over by Albert (Patrick Lizana), the fourth generation of his family to run the business. (2002)