Going public with the absurd

THE United Migrant Workers Interim Trust is compiling an anthology of perverse or sometimes funny decisions of the Labour Tribunal. We have made a good start from material already available to us, supplied by those claimants who, bemused, baffled, or otherwise bewildered, apply either to us or to the trade union, United Migrant Workers Mutual Aid Association, for help.

We'd like to request contributions in the form of case reports from other organisations, or from individuals, who might wish to contribute, in the hope that public interest might thereby become focused on what is an otherwise somewhat neglected sector of our judicial system.

Persons or organisations willing to contribute should send us their name and address, either by postcard to United Workers, 3/F 101 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, or by fax to 819 3096. Communications should be marked ''LT''.