Hybrid Acer fax has a PC's brains

THE AcerFAX F-26, one of the first PC-connectable fax machines, combines all the advantages of a standalone fax machine with the brains of a PC.

The machine was developed to fill in a gap in the telecommunications market left between standalone fax machines and PC-based faxing.

It offers all the advantages of both.

It comes with ''FaxLink'' software, which makes it easy to send, receive and manage faxes from the privacy of your PC.

About 70 per cent of all faxes originate on computers. They are usually printed, and then fed manually into the fax machine.

The most common way to bridge the gap and add a fax function to a PC is with an internal fax card or external modem.

However, neither fax cards nor modems can fax documents that have not been created on a PC - for example, handwritten documents and newspaper clippings. These account for the balance of faxes sent.

Enter the F-26. Its practical features are enhanced with a built-in speaker for easy handset-free dialling and talking, and call-progress monitoring, voice request and automatic FAX/TEL switching with programmable priority.

The fax mode can be activated remotely from a second phone.

In addition, the F-26 has 10 one-touch express dialling buttons, last-number redial and a built-in answering machine interface. FaxLink, which operates under Windows 3.1, enhances F-26, especially with its polling and scheduled send features.

With it, users can write and maintain several phone lists, for personal and business use, for example. FaxLink has a flexible viewing and searching function.

Faxes can be sent to one person, or broadcast, and pre-scheduled.

Pending, received and log queues help manage, track, store and recall faxes.

Incoming faxes can then be browsed on-screen with flexible viewing options, forwarded to another destination, saved in a variety of popular graphic formats, deleted or automatically routed to a laser printer to be printed.