College's unreasonable policy

I AM a second year, part-time student of the Postgraduate Diploma Course of Management at Hong Kong Polytechnic. On August 11, I received a student debit note for the amount of $26,650 for the 1993-1994 tuition fee. The note informed me that the due date was August 26. I was shocked and felt embarrassed. How could I get such a large amount of money in so short a time, as the sum is more than twice my monthly income? I contacted the course co-ordinator and he referred me to the Research and Postgraduate Studies Office (RPSO). Its reply was that I could apply for a deferred payment of four weeks. However, that will not solve my problems. I believe that Hong Kong Polytechnic's policy has been unreasonable. It used to be the normal practice to ask for a half-term payment. However, this rule was changed to full-term payment and students were not given any advance notice of the change.

Secondly, the tuition fee has been increased from $2,800 to $4,100 per module without prior notification and that means a 46 per cent increase.

This increase in the tuition fee may be unavoidable, but I am greatly disappointed that Hong Kong Polytechnic does not provide any flexibility for us.

I desperately hope that Hong Kong Polytechnic will let the students of our course be aware of changes of policy as soon as possible. The polytechnic should also let students make a half-term payment.