Roadworks not monitored

I WAS driving home on August 18 at approximately 6.30pm along Tai Tam Road to Repulse Bay, when I was involved in a completely avoidable traffic accident.

It was brought about by the lack of responsibility of any Hong Kong authority to monitor roadworks and the associated warning signs.

Just prior to the small roundabout where the road split to Shek O and Tai Tam/Stanley there is a sharp blind bend.

Near the bus stop just before the roundabout was the sign ''STOP'' for roadworks and approximately 20 metres behind a sign ''Roadworks Ahead''.

I was driving slowly, fortunately, but on turning the corner the traffic was backed all the way.

Using maximum braking I just managed to stop.

I was thinking of getting out of my car whilst waiting for the signal to change as it was so dangerous, but it was too late as a motorcycle could not stop in time and in the ensuing collision, the cyclist and his passenger both flew over my car and landed on the roof. It was very frightening.

Miraculously no one was injured and I am not interested in filing charges against the poor man on the motorbike.

However, there must be some government department which is willing to accept responsibility for not performing its public duties in this affair.

The police have no interest in the matter unless someone is injured or files charges.

They are not concerned with road safety it would appear.

Predictably the next morning all the roadwork equipment was gone and piled up in the centre of the roundabout.

The road signals were just thrown over the side of the road (where they still are).

Does any government department wish to take responsibility for this sort of affair, or are we being encouraged to turn a blind eye in preparation for the inevitable regression post-1997? I would like to think otherwise.