Hums set scientists buzzing

THE latest news from the wires tells us that mobile phones could be to blame for mysterious hums that have commanded the attention of teams of perplexed scientists throughout the world.

Most hum-hearers say the noise begins abruptly, never abates, interferes with sleep, and is more noticeable inside a house or car than outside. Some describe it as sounding like a diesel engine idling in the distance.

After the annoying noises were first recorded in New Mexico, hundreds of unwilling hum-hearers have made similar complaints throughout the United States and in Taiwan and Britain.

We haven't heard about Hong Kong people making any complaints, which is strange because no doubt our own cellular phone users ensure the presence of hundreds of special hums hovering around Central and Tsim Sha Tsui.

But with all that noise of traffic and building sites assailing our ears, the gentle background buzzing of ultra-low frequency waves probably brings light aural relief.

- Victoria Finlay