Yesterday's teen idol back for more

TEENYBOPPER queen she might have been in the late '80s, with all the trappings that go with pop idolatry. But for the past two years at least she has found contentment in being wife, mother and plain Mrs Garcia - although you're more likely to know her as Tiffany.

After a five-year break, Tiffany has decided to relaunch her singing career. And Asia, where she enjoyed huge success, is the chosen launch pad.

Last night she flew into town to promote her new single, Love is Blind, which has already reached the local Top 10, and her new album, Dreams Never Die, which will be released tomorrow.

She's come a long way since the heady days of the debut album which gave her the monster hits I Think We're Alone Now and It Could Have Been.

So why return to something she turned her back on? ''I had no disillusions about the pop business when I quit,'' she said. ''I had to get my personal life sorted out. I wanted to get married and have a baby and you have to take your time to find the right person.'' Not that finding her perfect partner was easy. Tiffany, 22 next month, talks of dating furiously but always ending up with boys who were only interested in her fame and fortune.

And then came Junior, a Mexican make-up artist who had to do her up for a publicity shoot. He'd never heard of her - which was the instant attraction.

Love blossomed and they married shortly afterwards. Ten-month-old son Elijah completes the family.

''Junior not only does my make-up but 15,000 other things. It's wonderful having him around - something I missed in my career before.'' ''So now is a good time to start up again. My voice is more mature, as is my music.''