Why directory was split

I REFER to the letter headlined, ''Looking for extra bucks'' (South China Morning Post, August 11), and should like to reply to A. L. Nanik's concerns.

First of all, may I point out that there is already an alphabetical listing of all businesses, territory-wide, including the Chemical Bank, contained in the Business White Pages directory to which all residents are entitled.

Ten years ago, the number of listings in the single volume Yellow Pages was 258,357. Today, the combined listings from the Commercial/Industrial and three Buying Guides total 454,474. This is an indication of just how fast Hong Kong's business community has grown.

This growth also contributed to the decision to split the directory for the convenience of consumers and only after extensive research confirmed a clear preference among consumers for not only slimmer volumes, but also more geographically-targeted directories.

There is no compulsion to advertise in more than one Buying Guide. The decision to do so rests with the individual and is based on his own assessment of his needs.

While it is policy to charge for additional directories above those to which each member of the public is entitled, we will be happy to waive this for Mr Nanik.

If he would like to contact us, or send us his address, we will be happy to provide him with complimentary copies of the Buying Guides he requires.

FIONA HO Marketing Manager GTE Directories (HK) Ltd