Advice on condoms

OWEN Hughes' mention in Post Script of a ''Condoms by Post'' offer (Sunday Morning Post, August 22) made by a locally published magazine for gays and lesbians caught my attention.

Dear readers of whatever sexual persuasion, do yourselves a favour by saving some money (and probably getting some much-needed exercise of another sort) by hopping down to your nearest neighbourhood drugstore or supermarket (which is probably just aroundthe corner anyway).

A box of one dozen condoms (extra-strength, mind you) is about $30, while the largest tube of KY jelly available for sale is about $27 - at least $10 less than the prices quoted in that mail-order ''offer''.

I wonder what the Consumer Council, as well as the products' distributors, would say about this? Surely Hong Kong people are no longer embarrassed to buy such items over-the-counter? ERNIE CORPUS Hong Kong