Roadworks a long-running saga

ROADWORKS between 22-28, Sze Shan Street, Yau Tong have been going on for about six months.

It took five months to complete one side of the street which is no more than 100 metres long.

The roadworks started on the other side about a month ago and they are following the same pattern.

I have seen no progress and have not seen a worker for some time.

How can it take so long to complete roadworks along a stretch of street only 100 metres long.

Sze Shan Street is an industrial area used, every day, by hundreds of cars including heavy trucks and containers, as well as thousands of workers.

The roadworks have caused serious congestion, because there is one-way traffic.

I would like an explanation from the relevant government department.

FRANKIE NG Human Resources Manager Maxtor (Hong Kong) Limited