Songstress Veronica caught out at party

AS we reported here, Canto-pop queen Veronica Yip sang her heart out at FM Select's second birthday party. But, it appears, she did even more.

A fast-clicking photographer from one of the Chinese newspapers apparently caught the popular songstress - who was wearing a fashionably revealing outfit - on film just as she was, er . . . how shall we put it, letting it all hang out.

At the time of going to press, we couldn't get confirmation that Yip's No 1 fan, FM Select channel director Larry London, had offered the photographer a small fortune for the negatives.

On the subject of songsters, we hear FM Select jock Louie Castro has just returned from Down Under after having cut an album there.

Louie, apparently, was a singer of some repute in the 1970s, wowing impressionable young things with his vocal chords. So could this be the second coming?