10 out of 10 for anniversary idea

GOT cornered by Richard Finny at a cocktail party last night, and all the garrulous Kiwi wanted to talk about was Someplace Else (which is usually where one wants to go when Finny is about!).

Finny has been hard at it of late organising the Mother Of All Parties to celebrate a decade of eating and drinking at Someplace Else, the Sheraton's popular, as Finny calls it, ''watering hole'' - although curiously whenever we've visited the place we've noticed that people drink everything but water in there.

''The party will start on the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year and will run for 10 days,'' said PR and promotions director Finny.

He added: ''During that period we will be putting prices for beer, whisky and a special champagne cocktail we are dreaming up back - and including 10 dishes from 10 years ago - back to what they were a decade as well.'' That's not all. Each night at 10 pm 10 prizes will be drawn, culminating with the grand draw of 10 major prizes, including two Singapore Airlines tickets to Sydney with accommodation at the Sheraton there thrown in.

Customers entering the bar for the duration of this celebratory period will be permitted to put back their ages 10 years (which might play havoc with the licensing laws as some regulars already pretend to be younger than they are).

Mind you, the long hours of work involved in organising this unique event has not done Finny much good.


When we saw him we pointed out that the poor guy looked as if he had aged by, er . . . 10 years.

But that was still no reason for a cynical hack standing nearby to mutter under his breath: ''Makes it about right, then . . . doesn't it?''