NCR sets up firms in deal to back NT

NCR has thrown its weight behind Microsoft Windows NT by announcing the formation of two worldwide organisations dedicated to developing and marketing products for the platform.

The Windows NT Business Unit will plan and implement Windows NT products and services for the NCR System 3000 family.

The Windows NT marketing team will develop Windows NT marketing and sales programmes for NCR's client and server product lines.

''The combination of NCR's symmetric multiprocessing expertise and Microsoft's software technology provides superior solutions for our mutual customers,'' said Paul Maritz, senior vice-president of the Windows NT system division at Microsoft.

''The formation of these groups, along with last month's opening of our Windows NT Global Support Centre, demonstrates a serious commitment to our mutual customers.'' NCR has big marketing plans for this quarter, including a scheme to migrate OS/2 customers to Windows NT, and another that involves developers of Windows NT applications.

It has other marketing strategies designed for workgroup/application server environments and others aimed at making prototypes of client-server applications quickly.

''These new initiatives will help develop, deliver and support the powerful, scalable client-server solutions our customers are looking for,'' said Mike Jones, the director of alliance marketing, NCR Asia Pacific.

''We at NCR are excited about the release of Windows NT and look forward to the value we will bring to our customers through our integrated products and services offerings.

''Microsoft Windows NT and NCR's broad family of powerful clients and SMP servers will facilitate new client-server application development and rightsizing.'' NCR has been delivering beta versions of the software with the NCR System 300 since the beginning of the year and will soon ship Windows NT and Windows NT Advanced Server on the NCR 3200, 3300, 3400 and 3500.

The NCR System 3000 line consists of mobile and high-performance workstations; open, scalable, networked servers; and massively parallel systems, which can scale to the highest levels of the enterprise.

The recently opened NCR Windows NT Global Support Centre will offer global, round-the-clock support to Windows NT users.

Toll-free international numbers will be available later this year, but until then international callers requesting information can dial (803) 739-7864 in the US for help.