Choosy taxi drivers at airport

ON September 8, after collecting a box of presents at the airport, I queued at the taxi stand. When I got to the front, I was surprised to see the first available taxi approach slowly and then go past without stopping. The second taxi did the same. Maybe, because I had no luggage (for which they could add to the fare), they assumed I only wanted to travel a short distance.

The third had to stop, because the taxi in front was loading luggage. I knocked on his door and after some time, and obviously with reluctance, he let me in. By being able to choose customers taxi drivers are ignoring the needs of taxi users.

Sometimes when they learn that customers want to go to a destination they don't want to take them to, but it is too late to refuse, because the passengers are already in the car, they grumble all the way to their destination which is a very frustrating experience. If taxi drivers have such a bad attitude do they really deserve a taxi fare raise again? LI HOW-WAH, HEDY Kowloon