Chance to show what you've got

Nancy Chan

Have you been waiting for a chance to show off your talents? Fantasise no more - online station JustBeTv is hosting a youth talent event for those aged eight to 15 tomorrow night at Amnesia in Central.

'Dimension 88 The Common Ground' is a night of mixed performances by young entertainers and interactive competitions for the audience, according to producer-creative director Rick Cumes.

'It's a trendy, safe studio environment for a dance party to showcase youth talent and give youths a chance to get inspired, express themselves, have a voice and cut loose,' he said.

Prizes for the night will include MP3s, mini-televisions, CDs, CD-ROM games and T-shirts.

JustBeTv cameras will be scouting the audience for talented young people, whether it be singing, dancing, reading poetry, yoga, martial arts, hosting a show, doing comedy skits or just having unique personalities.

Individuals who demonstrate 'infinite creativity' will become JustBeTv talents and perform at school events organised to hone their performing skills. JustBeTv will broadcast online the progression of these performers as they compete in the 'Race to Rockit Fest' Band Jam competition. The top performers will get a chance to play at the Rockit Fest in October.

They will also get a show reel produced and handed to the film industry, in addition to a possible music contract.

'EMI Music has said if, by the end, the top talents' performances at Rockit Fest reach 'industry standards', they will be offered a contract with the company,' said Cumes. Thirteen-year-old James Campion, who was a drumming star at the first show, said performing live for an audience was an unforgettable experience.

'Lots of people are cheering you on and that's quite a good feeling,' he said.

'You'll never ever get bored of it.'

JustBeTv talent hunt, Amnesia, 3F Al Aqmar House, 30 Hollywood Road, Soho, Central. Saturday 6pm - 9pm. Tickets cost $88 each (includes two free soft drinks). For tickets or details, call Rick Cumes at 2167 7401 or visit JustBeTv's website at