Han fails in new attempt to re-enter China

HUMAN rights activists were last night trying to contact Chinese dissident Han Dongfang following reports that security guards at Xinhua (the New China News Agency) allegedly removed him as he made another vain attempt to gain entry to China last week.

A well placed Government source said Mr Han went to Xinhua on Thursday afternoon and asked for help to go to China as he wanted to ''sort out financial problems''.

The guards were reported to have ejected him from the building and called police. When the officers arrived at the scene, Mr Han told them he had submitted a letter to Xinhua outlining his reasons for wanting to return to the mainland, it was said.

According to the source, Mr Han eventually had to leave the scene without having his request granted.

On September 7, China issued a list of conditions for Mr Han's return to the mainland. A Public Security Ministry spokesman claimed Mr Han had threatened state security and demanded he withdraw from ''anti-government'' organisations, repent his past wrongdoings and pledge never again to become involved in subversive activities.

Mr Robin Munro of Asia Watch said after hearing of the reports last night that he would try to contact Mr Han immediately.

Mr Han's latest troubles started last month when he was detained by authorities in Guangzhou and then expelled from China after trying to make his way home to Beijing following 11 months in the United States receiving medical treatment.