PNG offers to take army dogs

ARMY attack dogs trained in Hong Kong are being sought by a Papua New Guinea firm keen to upgrade its security.

New jobs and homes are needed for 94 dogs, including German Shepherds, spaniels and labradors, now in service with the Defence Animal Support Unit of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps at Sek Kong before British Forces leave the territory.

Some will be transferred to other British army units around the world while security forces in Hong Kong are being seen as possible takers for the animals.

Victor Wong of ZD Industries, based in Boroko, Papua New Guinea, read of the dogs' plight in the South China Morning Post and wrote a letter offering to help out.

''Papua New Guinea is a developing country which could make use of the dogs as currently there is a shortage of trained dogs for police and customs work.

''Our country is faced with a huge crime problem; the police are inadequate in numbers and ill-equipped; drugs are grown here and smuggled to Australi a; unemployment is high,'' Mr Wong wrote.

''Please make it known to the military that we would be prepared to discuss the possibility of accepting the trained dogs.'' A spokesman for the Garrison said he saw no reason why the guard dogs could not be sent to Papua New Guinea.

''Other than quarantine regulations for Papua New Guinea or any other rules they may have, there is no reason I can see why the dogs should not go there,'' he said.