Students to have voice on education committee

STUDENTS will have a formal channel through which to put their views on the performance of the Education Department in two months.

Two student representatives from Form Four level or above will become members of the newly-formed Educational Services Liaison sub-committee under the Board of Education.

Topics they can discuss will include the Education Department's policy of emergency school closure during typhoons, its efficiency, its response to inquiries and its transparency.

Student representatives will be randomly selected for the 16-member sub-committee, which will also include three parents, two teachers, two school representatives such as headmasters, two members of the public, three Board of Education members and two Education Department officials.

The chairman of the sub-committee, Herman Hu Shao-ming, was appointed yesterday while the rest of the members will be named in November.

The board's chairman, Andrew So Kwok-wing, said: ''The Educational Services Liaison sub-committee under the Board of Education will exchange views on educational services with the Education Department.

''It will also advise on any improvement measures to the board.'' Mr Hu said the body aimed to enhance the department's transparency.

''This is the most direct communication channel between the education authority and our 'customers'. It is set up in a hope that the standard and quality of education can be maintained at the highest possible,'' he said.

''Students are invited because they are the users or 'customers' of education services.'' Mr Hu said members would serve two years and the sub-committee would report at least twice a year to the Board of Education.