Fame for the Jazz Club

JAZZ and blues singer, Georgie Fame is in town this week for a series of performances at the Jazz Club.

Starting tonight, he will be hamming it up for nine consecutive nights with top local artists Eugene Pao, the Ric Halstead Group and Nogabe.

Also playing with Fame will be trumpeter extraordinaire from the UK, Guy Barker, doing all the hits including Yeh! Yeh! and Getaway.

Catch them while you can from around 9pm each night.

Tonight: Just Say More are at the brand new club IT, playing top rhythm and blues and soul from 10.30pm; Soul Liberation play their great mix of soul, blues and rock at Hot Shot, from 9.30pm; It's a rock n' roll birthday bash at Amoeba as AWOL's vocalist Richie Weintraub celebrates his special day with his bandmates from 10pm on.

Don your cowboy hats for Mercury who will be playing their country and western ditties at the Fringe Club from 10pm; Dave Colquhoun will be at the Mad Dogs in Central unplugging some acoustic rock and blues from around 9pm; Calypso kings, Captain Mabullah, will be getting into some cool summer reggae at The Wanch from 10pm.

Tomorrow: Double bill at The Wanch with Woody and Macca during happy hour at 7pm, to be followed by AWOL playing their classic rock from 10pm; Allen Youngblood and his jazz piano from 8.45pm at the Fringe Club; DJ Mickey Smith's Rebirth Of Cool at the Jazz Club will feature special guests DJ Simon The Tipster and psychedelic funkers Mothership, admission $100, doors open at 10pm; The Rock Gang take over Amoeba with hard rock and heavy metal from 10pm.

Monday: The Musical Mystery Tour at the Jazz Club from 9pm.

Wednesday: PNS will be playing their zany style of localised grunge at the Godown, with special guests The Shadowboxers kicking off at 9pm; Music Of This Century at the Fringe Club featuring a violin and piano duet from Helen-Therese Boyle and Hannah Loach, from 6.30pm; It's the jam night at The Wanch, everyone's welcome, so bring your gear and plug-in from around 9pm; Jazz trio, Han Shan, at Amoeba. Thursday: Available Space at Joe Bananas from 9pm; Radio Free Hong Kong has moved from Westworld to a new venue to be announced.

Plus: The Wanch's resident guitar man, Sammy, takes to the stage on Sunday through Wednesday from 9pm with his mix of rock, folk and country.

Organising a show? Send details to Live Music, Features Desk, GPO Box 47, or fax 811-1048.