Keep cars at home

AFTER having been away on an extensive overseas trip, I was really pleased to see on my return that Citybus had taken over a number of routes previously served, or rather not served, by China Motor Bus.

For a few cents more, commuters are now able to go about in air-conditioned comfort, on newer buses which keep better time. But could Citybus consider helping to ease the problem of congestion in Central by operating a service from Jardine's Lookout? I wrote to CMB months ago but my letter has not even been acknowledged.

I am sure many people would leave their cars at home and take the bus to Central if there were such a service. More than 1,000 people in this area drive their cars to Central daily, paying more than $150 daily for parking, adding to the traffic chaos. Chun Fai Road is served only by a green minibus route which goes to Causeway Bay.

T. S. WHENG Jardine's Lookout