No way to handle such rape cases

I WOULD like to express my strong feelings about the unconditional release of the alleged rapist of a mentally retarded girl with hearing and speech impairment. The verdict goes against common sense and the prevailing moral value of this society of which I am a proud member.

If the witness is an adult with no physical or mental disabilities, it would be a straightforward communication between two adults. If the witness is a six-year-old sexually abused girl, the mode of communication between the defence counsel and the childmust be modified so as to get the truth out of the child witness.

The environment in which the witness is examined must consider her tender young age and the parents must be around her. The presiding judge must ensure this so as to allow the truth to come out and should call on an experienced child clinical psychologist trusted by the child to help if he thinks that the communication between the defence counsel and the child witness has broken down.

Hong Kong's reputation will be tainted by this poor judgment of our judiciary which threw out the case because the deaf, dumb and retarded alleged rape victim was distressed and depressed by questions asked by the defence counsel who wanted to discredit her.

I'd like to call on the Attorney-General to appeal against the verdict on behalf of the people of Hong Kong to allow justice to be seen to be done.

DANIEL K.K. NG Hong Kong