Alex is serious about Jordan

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 24 June, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 June, 2004, 12:00am

After being unable to pay for their meal in an Italian restaurant, Alex goes for a stroll with Jordan in Festival Walk, where he tells Jordan that he is serious and sincere in his feelings for her. Then he spots a clothes shop that he really likes and they both go in. But what if Alex sees something he wants to buy and he hasn't got any money? Who will pay?

This is where we left the story in last week's episode of Toy Boy, the current Songbirds drama serial which you can listen to tonight at 9.30 on RTHK Radio 4 (FM 07.6).

Below is the first half of tonight's Toy Boy episode for you to read beforehand or read as you are listening to the programme.

(SFX: Basketball match.)

Jasmine: Wow! Isn't Alex fantastic?

Candy: He's so tall ... even taller than Ringo ... those shorter boys just can't get anywhere near him.

Jasmine: I know, he just zigzags down the court, leaps in the air and slam-dunk, he's scored!

(SFX: Cheering)

Candy: He's done it again.

Jasmine: And he's hardly even sweating.

Candy: I'd like to make him sweat.

Jasmine: Hands off, Candy, I saw him first.

Candy: All's fair in love and war, Jasmine.

Jasmine: You had Ringo first, Candy, now it's my turn ... Alex is mine, okay. You can have him when I'm finished with him.

Candy: Like the younger sister getting second-hand clothes from her older sister.

Jasmine: Younger than me!

Candy: Yes.

Jasmine: By three weeks!

Candy: That still makes me younger.

Jasmine: I really want Alex in the play.

Candy: Wouldn't it be great if he played the main role?

Jasmine: It wouldn't matter how he acted, he'd look so good. The whole thing would be a huge success.

Candy: Wow! look at him leap!

(SFX: Cheers)

Jasmine: You know Alex is a better player than Ringo.

Candy: Much better.

Jasmine: Ringo had better watch out ... maybe Mr Lam will want to make Alex the new captain.

Candy: Look at him, Jasmine ... isn't he gorgeous?

Jasmine: You can look, Candy, but not touch ... that boy is mine.

Candy: Come on, Jazz, ... time to go home.

Jasmine: I shall dream about him tonight.

Candy: Hmmm, I bet there'll be a lot of give and go in that dream.

(SFX: Shopping mall)

Alex: So this is Festival Walk ... busy, isn't it?

Jordan: It's a popular place.

Alex: Seems like there are lots of places to eat here.

Jordan: Yes, there are.

Alex: Would it be okay if we ate together?

(SFX: Restaurant.)

Alex: Nice place ... I like all the paintings and posters on the wall.

Jordan: Yes, it is nice. Now what shall I have? I think I might have a Caesar salad.

Alex: Mmm ... I think I'll have some soup and then a steak.

Alex: That was delicious.

Jordan: Yes, the food is good in here.

Alex: But all you had was a salad.

Jordan: That was enough for me.

Alex: Well ... you have got a nice figure ... nice and slim ... I like slim girls.

Jordan: I ... well ... thank you.

Alex: You're a very pretty girl, Jordan.

Jordan: Please, Alex, I'm not used to so many compliments ... I don't know what to say.

Alex: Believe me, Jordan, what I say I mean ... I'm not interested in shallow flirtations. What I want in a girl is something deep and lasting. Do you know what I mean?

Jordan: Shall we get the bill?

Alex: Waiter ... bill, please.

Waiter: Here you are, sir.

Alex: Thanks.

Jordan: Let's go Dutch ... you know ... half and half.

Alex: No ... please ... let me pay.

Jordan: No, Alex, I'd rather we shared the bill, honestly.

Alex: Oh, no!

Jordan: What?

Alex: I changed my trousers this morning and I think I left my wallet in the pocket of the trousers I was wearing yesterday. (Gasps) I feel so embarrassed.

Jordan: No, please, don't ... These things happen. I'll pay ... it's okay.

Alex: I'll treat you next time ... okay ... next time.

Jordan: Alex?

Alex: Yes.

Jordan: You're holding my hand.

Alex: Do you mind?

Jordan: I'm not sure ... it's ... well, it's very sudden.

Alex: But you're Romeo and I'm Juliet, remember?

Jordan: Someone might see us.

Alex: So what?

Jordan: The whole school would start gossiping.

Alex: Let them, who cares.

Now continue to listen and answer the questions below:

1. Tick the items of clothing that Alex buys from the shop:










2. Tick the statement that is true

a. Alex wants everyone to know he is dating Jordan

b. Alex wants to keep the affair a secret.

c. Alex wants to get engaged to Jordan

d. Alex wants to date Jordan only at weekends\

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Answers: 1. shirt, trousers, tie. 2. b