Word has it Leung may need even bigger car

Flora Wu

Rumour has it that former financial secretary Antony Leung Kam-chung and his two-time Olympic gold medallist wife Fu Mingxia are expecting their second child. Fu is said to be three months pregnant.

The couple were seen apartment-hunting in Beijing, where Fu is reportedly spending most of her time. Once regarded as one of the hottest candidates for the next chief executive, the political poster boy traded in his job for a Lexus LS430 last year. As we remember, it was a steady downhill ride for poor Mr Leung after it was revealed that he had purchased the luxury car one month prior to his launch of budget proposals which included a registration tax of up to a 150 per cent for such cars. In his defence, Leung said his new ride was a necessity for his new family (Granted, his Porsche 996 Carrera was not the ideal family car).