Plenty of options to scratch that itch

Flora Wu

What do DJs Kid Koala, QBert and Brendan have in common? They'll all be in Hong Kong on Saturday night, and when they scratch we feel the itch! Brace yourselves, this weekend is going to be a crazy one; you'll be club hopping so much that by Monday you'll be craving carrots.

According to Kid Koala's representative in Hong Kong, a lot of kids are calling to inquire about his performance time. DJ appearances at club ING, Viceroy and Klong are just around the corner from one another.

Okay kiddos, let CitySeen plan your evening of technical mastery to its fullest: DJ Brendan mixes at midnight at Klong, but you gotta be outta there in 45 minutes if you're going to catch DJ Koala at club ING at 1am. He's only mixing for an hour, so it's perfect timing to bring the house down with DJ QBert (pictured) at Viceroy at 2am.

There is no entrance fee for DJ Brendan and tickets are available at the door for DJ Kid Koala and DJ QBert at $200 and $250 respectively. Skipping class was much easier than club hopping ...