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Winnie Yeung

Customising your computer is easy: it didn't take you long to turn that favourite photograph of your favourite puppy into wallpaper, did it? So much for your home terminal.

But what about your office computer (default settings tuned to the company logo, boring URL triggered automatically) and the public machines in your local cybercafe (homepage advertising whatever brand of coffee your hosts are trying to shift)?

Enter the Forward Solutions Migo flash drive: proof that home is where the gadget is. Tightly integrated software means Migo can store your desktop preferences, duplicate your wallpaper and cart along all your internet favourites. Simply plug it into any cybercafe or office terminal and wallow in the virtual reality of your home machine, beamed into public or company PC.

Need to carry files around? Let Migo be your porter. Changing a file on a computer other than your home machine? Save it on Migo and let your handy new best friend update the file back at base later. Migo's ability to store your Outlook information means you can send and receive e-mails from your home account, with your address book at your fingertips, using any computer. And access to the flash drive is password protected.

There are four capacities to choose from - 64MB, 512MB, 256MB and 1GB - and prices start at US$99.95. See