War and Beauty

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 September, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 13 September, 2004, 12:00am

War and Beauty is a drama on TVB Jade running from Monday to Friday at 9.35pm. Every Monday, we will publish the synopses of the week's episodes.

Episode 15 (September 13)

Ying asks Sin to deliver a letter to her mother. Sim finds out and tries to trick Mo into handing over the letter. The two have a fierce argument.

Sim is bitten by a poisonous insect.

Mo sucks out the venom and carries her on his back to see the doctor. Sim is moved by Mo's caring attitude.

Episode 16 (September 14)

Mo and Song are planning to pay to get imperial positions, but Mo gives the money to Sin so she can bribe her way to see her grandmother.

Mo gently rejects Sim's affection. Ironically, Song grows fond of Sim.

Mo visits Sin's grandmother but discovers that she has been killed by wild dogs.

Episode 17 (September 15)

The empress summons Sim to investigate a rumour that Yu is having an affair with a Taoist monk hiding in the palace.

Yu manages to take Sim away before she can say anything.

Tin orders Shun to kill Sim, but Shun sympathises with Sim and changes her mind.

Sim is found dead in a pond.

Episode 18 (September 16)

Shun is shocked to find Sim's body and the emperor comforts her. She manipulates the emperor to suspect Yu. The emperor questions Yu about Sim's death.

The emperor bestows the title 'Royal Beauty' on Shun. Eunuch Shau returns the gold incense burner that Yu had presented to the emperor, telling Yu that she has lost her power. For the emperor's birthday, Yu makes him a banner containing prayer scripts. The emperor is moved.

Episode 19 (September 17)

Yu plans to regain the emperor's favour by using their daughter as a pawn, but the empress bribes the princess' wet nurse into making the emperor believe that Yu tried to harm her own daughter.

Shun seeks the empress' permission for Ying to live with her. Unable to understand Shun's intentions, Sin seeks Yeung's advice. Shun summons Ying to go see her by faking a royal order. She tries to kill Ying, but is stopped by Sin and Yeung.

Mo and Yeung see an intruder enter the palace. They rush to protect the emperor.


Ying (Gigi Lai Chi): a nobleman's daughter; Sin (Maggie Cheung Ho-hee): imperial maid; Yu (Sheren Tang Shui-man): imperial concubine; Sim (Maria Chan Jai-ping): Yu's maid; Mo (Moses Chan Ho): court servant; Song (Wai Ka-hung): Mo's cousin; Tin (Lo Hoi-pang): eunuch; Shun (Charmaine Sheh See-man): Tin's daughter; Yeung (Bowie Lam Bo-yee): imperial doctor