Lawmakers slow to declare interests

Jimmy Cheung

Only 23 have filed their papers ahead of today's swearing-in

Only 23 lawmakers had lodged their declaration of interests by last night, on the eve of today's opening of Legco.

The 37 other legislators-elect have to file their declarations by 2.30pm today, which is when members will begin taking their oaths of office.

Although failure to meet the deadline would not prevent a lawmaker being sworn in, the matter could be followed up in the Legislative Council's committee on members' interests, a spokesman for the Legco secretariat said.

The spokesman said Legco's rules state that members should disclose their registrable interests to Legco no later than the first meeting of each term.

'There is still time for members to make their declaration,' he said, referring to today's deadline.


The swearing-in ceremonies will be followed by a vote to decide if Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai or Democrat Albert Ho Chun-yan should become Legco president.

This will be followed by House Committee and Finance Committee meetings. No other meetings have been arranged for this week.

Of the 23 declarations, all of which have been made available on the Legco website, rural affairs leader Lau Wong-fat has the most registrable interests, with 12 paid directorships and shareholdings in 120 companies, including restaurants, property firms, schools and transport businesses.

Patrick Lau Sau-shing, who represents the architectural, planning and surveying sector, said he owned three properties in Hong Kong, as well as two plots of land and four properties in Vancouver.


Li Fung-ying, one of the three labour constituency lawmakers, declared having received an election donation of $100,000 from the Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions. She said the unused money had been returned to the union, but she did not specify how much. She also declared a donation worth $6.86 from a disciplined services staff union, in the form of publicity on its website.

Choy So-yuk declared she had received a $1.45 donation from the same union. She also declared a sponsored trip to Beijing on National Day.


Democrat James To Kun-sun, who was accused during the election campaign of inflating rental claims for a party property he used as a Legco office, reported shares in two asset-holding companies, in addition to shares in Target Link, which owns the Shamshuipo flat in question. He also has shares in Joy Light Investment and Union Pace Development, and is also a director of Joy Light.