ESC Sequences

Did you miss the exciting first United States presidential debate between George W. Bush and John Kerry? Or would you like to listen to it again? X stands for many things, but the old X-15 can still be seen. With Halloween soon upon us, what would you say to a severed hand?

war of words

Want to go over every word said in the first Bush-Kerry presidential debate? This site will help. All agree this election is creating more interest than any in a long time. Now is your chance to listen to the well-crafted comments by the candidates.

the final frontier

Now that the X prize - the US$10 million prize for the first non-government space flight - has been won, some of you may want to have a look at some old videos of the X-15, the machine that got it all started. This link will take you to a number of little video clips of the 1960 flight of the X-15. Not too bad for 44-year-old technology.

trick or treat

Halloween is not far away, so perhaps it is time to start looking for that 'perfect' gift. This site has lots of body parts - rubber ones, we assume - for your pleasure. The children will love them.

nothing to lose

This site is both fascinating and sad. It is a series of photographs of all the possessions of some of London's homeless. The next time you want to moan about your life in Hong Kong, have a look at this.{tilde}ds8s/


on the right track

This site has maps of underground railways in Europe and dictionaries to help with communication. Every hit must be paid for, so we have not been able to check it out. Would be nice to see Asian versions of this.