Food flies instead of fists in island's legislature

Jacky Hsu

Rival Taiwanese lawmakers were at it again yesterday, with food flying through the air in the legislature in the latest outbreak of anger.

Rice, meat, vegetables and boiled eggs were on the airborne menu, landing on tables, chairs and even a woman legislator when members of the ruling and opposition camps became emotional during a heated debate over whether to include a controversial NT$610.8 billion (HK$141 billion) arms procurement budget proposal on the agenda for review on Friday.

'You are a communist supporter,' ruling Democratic Progressive Party legislator Chen Chong-yi shouted at opposition Kuomintang lawmaker Chu Fong-chi, for daring to launch a challenge at him during the debate.

In response, Ms Chu said: 'Shame on you for betraying the interests of the general public by buying expensive arms from the United States.'

In fury, Mr Chen tossed a lunch box at Ms Chu, causing food stains to appear on the back of the KMT legislator's blouse.

An angry Ms Chu then yelled back: 'What kind of ruling party is it? It is such a rude party, such a mess and it is the source of legislative chaos.'


Taiwan's legislature became world-renowned for its fisticuffs in the 1980s, when lawmakers of the then opposition DPP did all they could to stir up the legislature and government officials.