Tang says more opportunities for HK service industry in China

Paggie Leung

Updated at 4.08pm: Financial Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen on Thursday said there were more opportunities for Hong Kong's service industry to expand its business in the mainland.

Mr Tang was in China to help foster greater economic co-operation between Hong Kong and the mainland city, Tianjin.

The Financial Secretary, leading a Hong Kong delegation, arrived in Tianjin on Wednesday. The visit was planned for 2004 Tianjin-Hong Kong Week.

Jointly organised by the Tianjin and Hong Kong governments, the event aims to strengthen the economic ties between the two cities.

The Hong Kong delegation included 300 government officials and businessmen from sectors such as commerce, financial services, legal and property sectors.

'We wish to create more opportunities for our enterprises and for the service sector through these activities,' Mr Tang said.

He said his government wanted to match Hong Kong businessmen with appropriate partners.

Mr Tang paid tribute to Hong Kong's role in helping bring new capital to the mainland through the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (Cepa).

He said Hong Kong's service industry could now expand further into the mainland. Hong Kong signed the second phase of Cepa on Wednesday.