Officials criticised over handling of discovery of bloodworms in swimming pools

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 December, 2004, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 16 December, 2004, 12:00am

Updated at 6.30pm:
Three Leisure and Cultural Services Department officials failed to communicate adequately over the discovery of bloodworms in public swimming pools earlier this year, a report by the Ombudsman revealed on Thursday.

The Ombudsman criticised department director Anissa Wong Sean-yee, deputy-director Alan Siu Yu-bun and assistant-director Paul Cheung Kwok-kee. He said they had shown a lack of 'vigilance' in their handling of the matter.

Blood worms were discovered breeding in some Hong Kong swimming pools between August and September.
The Ombudsman's report also said the LCSD failed to carry out an impartial investigation into the breeding bloodworms.

But the Ombudsman found no evidence the department had covered up or destroyed evidence at Hammer Hill Road Swimming Pool.

Anissa Wong had told the Ombudsman she had been very busy when the bloodworms were discovered in the pool. But Ms Wong said she had not intended to shift responsibility to her colleagues, local media reported.

Ms Wong said she would accept responsibility for all department operations.

The report said Mr Siu had failed to adequately report the problem to Ms Wong. It also criticised Mr Cheung for his judgment over the matter.