Vital title a lure for socialites

IT'S impossible to go into any of the town's elegant restaurants these days without tripping over some member or other of European nobility.

At Simon Jackson's birthday bash we ran into Prince Haik Zharian of Austria and the Italian Prince Francesco di Ruspoli.

And at another function at Va Bene we met Baron Alexander Von Buch.

In addition, during the past week on the social circuit we've come across three Spanish counts, two German barons, one French duke . . . and a partridge in a pear tree. Sorry, we got carried away there . . .

Anyway, the assorted titles must have earned some sort of curiosity value for they seem to be getting invited to the right sort of parties.

One visiting prince has even got himself a pager to ensure he doesn't miss out on the socialising.

While some might be somewhat puzzled by this development, Keeping Posted is certainly not. For while the titles may be in Europe, the money is here in Hong Kong.

Besides, we can think of one or two socialites who would gladly forsake the label of tai-tai for the more alluring title of contessa.