Get the look

Holly Suan

Go girly this summer in short skirts with layers and cute prints. Team them with halter-neck tops or simple tees for a style that sizzles.

1 Necklace ($1,200) from Life Style Today.

2 Halter-neck top ($345) from Sisley. Rainbow skirt ($730) from Life Style Today.

3 Striped terry-cloth bag ($199) from Mango. 4 Wooden sandals ($595) from Sisley.

1 Clip-on earrings ($498) from Spy House.

2 Pleated top ($230) from OZOC. Ruffled corduroy skirt ($890) from Life Style Today.

3 Mesh bag ($295) from Sisley.

4 Sequined flats ($430) from OZOC.

1 Drop earrings ($650) from Life Style Today.

2 Floral top ($595) and skirt ($395) from Sisley. Sequined belt ($580) from Life Style Today.

3 Bag ($290) from OZOC.

4 Canvas boots ($1,780) from Life Style Today.

Stockists: Life Style Today, shop A1, Hamilton Mansion, 1 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay. Mango, shop 403, Times Square, Causeway Bay. OZOC, 42 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay. Sisley, shop 402, Times Square. Spy House, suite B, 1/F, Cleveland Mansion, 5 Cleveland Street.