Just between friends

Jason Ng

Friendships can be fickle. Some friends last forever, some only for days.

I recently met up with a few of my former primary school classmates. Despite the fact that we had not stayed in touch since entering secondary school, we found that we still get along quite well.

There were a few moments of odd and uneasy silence when we had nothing to say. If we had kept in touch with each other, we would've had much more fun recalling old times.

Our reunion reminded me how much effort it takes to sustain a friendship. We constantly meet new people, but it takes much more than the workings of fate for them to become our close friends - or even just acquaintances.

We need to learn how to understand, forgive and accept them for all they do and who they may become. Only then can a bond of trust be established and a friendship sustained.

Fortunately, I have been lucky when it comes to making friends, as I can easily confide in others.

Perhaps the best way to keep friends is avoid restricting yourself to a certain clique and to not take anything for granted from your mates.

They have their own needs and other friendship circles which may conflict with those of your own.

I approach my friendships with a dash of pessimism so that any expression of care and companionship seems all the more valuable.

Jason Ng is a student at King George V school