What's your favourite subject at school and why?

Dimple Motwani, 14

French, because I like to learn languages. Also, my French teacher is nice, kind and makes the lessons fun and interesting. The language only sounds nice when it's spoken accurately and fluently, which she does well.

Gordon Tsui, 17

English! It goes without saying that English is my favourite school subject. The reason I like it is because it's simple and an international language. I can communicate with people from different cultures through this international language.

Emily Law, 17

Art, because it gives me the chance to use my creativity to draw the things I dream about. When I draw, I also forget how difficult my maths and chemistry work is. It gives my mind a break from my weakest subjects.


Amily Lam, 16

Biology, because the topics are very interesting and I am always amazed by the way our organs and tissues work together. I'm very curious about all organisms, making biology my favourite subject.

Joses Chan, 17

Economics. I love this subject because I do very well in it. It's not a boring subject, as it teaches you about the world and you can gain a better understanding about Hong Kong's economy. It's very interesting - that's why I love it!


Jonathan Chu, 14

Band class, because I love music. It's taught me to co-ordinate with band members and be a better player. Without this class, I wouldn't be where I am in music today.


Tina Yip, 14

'To be or not to be, that is the question.' As you might guess, my favourite subject is drama. I simply love being onstage performing and entertaining people and making them happy. I admire comedians who bring laughter and happiness into people's lives.

Jisoo Kim, 17


Chemistry, because it's accurate 99 per cent of the time. As far as accuracy goes, maths is just too perfect to be true. The missing 1 per cent in chemistry humanises the subject and that's what I, as a human, can cope with.

Roshini Chotrani, 14

English and debating. English is my first language, so it's easy for me to understand and learn. I love writing creative essays. Debating is also a favourite because I love to talk and argue. I'm quite a loud and determined person, so debating is my kind of subject.