Glamour runs amok at party of the year

THEY came, they saw, they concurred . . . Marina Bullivant's birthday bash at Club 97 was the dance party of the year.

And little wonder. The pulsating disco rhythm was provided by slick Italiante DJs Mario and Ciccio, who usually keep revellers glued to the dance floor with their ''new music'' in hip-hot arenas in Bali - a place the birthday girl is known to fly off to as the mood grabs her.

The 100 or so of this town's beautiful people on the select invitation list descended in buoyant spirits on the Lan Kwai Fong niterie - Bullivant and some of her best buddies like Claudia and Guy D'Auriol, Suzanna Tang, Simon Jackson, Ajai Zecha, Susan Dedmon-Fung, Michelle Yeoh, Raimondo Chiodi, Steve Nelson and Cinzia Ziggiotti - having dined up the road at Va Bene before being drawn by the throbbing beat.

Adding to the fun were the Glamour Boys, currently visiting from Paris, who made a brief (we use the word advisedly) appearance that had some of the women present, like Eleanor Shepherd and Flora Cheong-Leen, screeching in mock horror.

Travelling as she does in her job as marketing director for Hyatt International, Bullivant's friends are a cosmopolitan bunch.

So on the dance floor one could spot Italian designer Mimmo Ferretti, who flew in from Palm Beach just for the party, Robert Hanson (son of Lord Hanson) and his stunning Manhattan socialite girlfriend Normandie Keith, who came in from London, Sri Von Buren, who hopped a short-haul flight from Bangkok, and Salzburg-based brothers Egon and Sebastian von Furstenburg.

Prince Francesco di Ruspoli reversed the trend, dropping by on his way to catch a Rome flight.

Also there were Allan Zeman, and Terri and Cecil Chao. And how touching to see Cecil place a protective arm around his wife as the Glamour Boys ran amok.