Study to improve discipline

Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School 182 Kwong Fuk Road Tai Po, New Territories FOR over 30 years, Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School has worked hard at helping its students to develop as individuals, all the time maintaining a balance between mental and physical growth.

And in the last academic year, the Tai Po-based school has stressed the relationship between studies and discipline.

Principal Mr Tsu Gee-chong believes the two are closely related, maintaining that if students enjoyed their studying, their sense of discipline would automatically improve. If the school paid close attention to the academic side, then the disciplinary aspect would take care of itself, Mr Tsu argues.

''Trouble can break out in a class where students are frustrated and get no satisfaction from learning,'' he said.

''With this in mind, we decided to introduce a Commendation Scheme last year.'' The scheme aims to create a harmonious atmosphere in school and to encourage the development of individuality in students.

''If the results are unfavourable, we will amend the scheme accordingly,'' the principal said. ''But so far, it seems to be working well.'' Under the scheme, a student is assessed every three months in four areas: compliance with school regulations, academic progress, participation in extra-curricular activities and classroom cleaning.

The principal said the assessments were made on a class basis, rather than an individual basis, in order to avoid unhealthy feelings of rivalry among fellow classmates.

''We encourage students to improve themselves, we don't ask them to do the impossible,'' Mr Tse said. ''What we want is to tap each student's potential.'' In the area of discipline, the school is conducting a simple research project in each class to find out such things as why students get demerits, why some are late to school and why some have to attend detention class.

As a form of encouragement, the school plans to give a certificate of merit to classes that have the best behaved students.

The school is also promoting classroom cleanliness and instilling in students the importance of being a responsible classroom user.

The principal is a strong believer in extra-curricular activities.

''It is important students enjoy their school life. We have plenty of activities for them to get involved in.'' The students are proving themselves very good at softball. The school team has won numerous inter-school trophies, thanks to the efforts of coach Ms Sin Po-shan, a former captain of the Hong Kong Softball Team.

Two years ago, the school joined the Hong Kong Extensive Reading Scheme to help raise the standard of English among the students. The scheme has produced results, as students are showing a much greater interest in reading English books.

The principal said the school maintained a regular check on its teaching policy and methods.

It makes full use of the Education Department's attainment test to measure on a territory-wide scale performance levels of junior students.

Parents are informed of the test results, and this goes a long way in ensuring that students keep up with studies after school.

Although not a religiously affiliated school, Wong Shiu Chi Secondary stays faithful to Christian principles as the school's late founder, Dr Wong Tak-hing, was a devout Christian.

FACT FILE DESCRIPTION Founded in 1960, the co-educational school has 1,100 students and 53 full-time teachers. Although not religiously affiliated, Christian principles are upheld out of respect to the memory of the school's founder, the late Dr Wong Tak-hin, who was a devout Christian.

PRINCIPAL The principal is Mr Tsu Gee-chong, who holds a BSc (Hons), Dip Ed and a Certificate in Applied Electronics. Mr Tsu has 22 years of teaching experience.

TEACHING LANGUAGE English is the chief medium of instruction; Chinese is also used in the lower forms.

ACTIVITIES There is a wide range of activities covering academic, religious, social service, recreational and sporting interests. Organisations include the English Association, Science Club, Art Club, Kung Fu Club, Girl Guides, Scouts, Red Cross, and Christian Fellowship. Biology and Geography field trips are held annually. There is also a choir comprising junior students. A student union was set up in 1978.

SPORT Popular sports are soccer and softball.

FACILITIES The school has 24 classrooms, four science laboratories, a library with about 15,000 books, an assembly hall, a tuck shop and a sports field.

SCHOLARSHIPS Dr Wong Tak Hing Scholarship, Mrs Tang Choi Wai Ling Scholarship, Yung Chin Woon Scholarship and the PTA Scholarship.

PREFECTS The team of 80 prefects is headed by Leung Pak-heng and Tang Chun-lok.