Advertising arm boosts expansion

A KALEIDOSCOPIC array of products has been introduced following the rapid expansion of the Shun Hing Group.

Because promotional work has become both increasingly important and strenuous, the advertising department of SHET was restructured to form Shun Hing Advertising Co Ltd (SHAC), to take charge of the advertising of all the group's products.

SHAC has grown dramatically in its 20 years of operation, from a staff of nine in 1973 to more than 50 today.

It is divided into five departments: client servicing; creative (sub-divided into graphic design, three-dimensional design, and copywriting and production); media; accounts; and administration.

Advertising services include the creation and production of print advertisements, Mass Transit Railway posters, and radio and television advertisements.

Other non-advertising services provided are public relations, display and exhibition works, and packaging.


The company now handles not only the group's accounts, but also a string of important accounts, including Asia Gas and Engineering; Asia Health Equipment (HK); Business and Industrial Trade Fairs; China Light and Power - Industrial Advisory Service; China Motion Development; Esquire Video International; Esquire Electronic Trading; Gucci (HK), and Ho Sai Cheong Medicine.

Other important accounts are with Heichinron Restaurant; Hong Kong Productivity Council; Hong Kong LP Gas (Holding) Ltd; Korea Exchange Bank; Luk's Furniture; Matsushita Electric Groups; Max Sight; Similing Sky (Holdings) Ltd; Tsim Sha Tsui Baptist Church; Wai Woo Brothers Industrial; and Wing Lung Bank.

In a move aimed at staying ahead of increasing competition, SHAC has set up Guangdong Shun Hing Advertising Co Ltd; a joint venture with Sun Ya Publications (HK) Ltd, a division of Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Ltd, and the Shao Xian Dui Yuan Magazine in Guangdong.

Its services include direct mail advertising and the creation of advertising campaigns for China and foreign countries. This new company has added to the prestige and effectiveness of Shun Hing Advertising.