Spirits in the sky

Caryn Yap

World-renowned artist Yuan Yunsheng has dedicated these two huge murals, Scholar in Contemplation with Guqin (right) and Wanhu Propelled to Heaven to City University to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Professor Yuan, of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, said of Scholar in Contemplation with Guqin: 'I have taken the unique Chinese musical instrument, the Guqin, to create the spirit of Chinese civilisation.

'In Wanhu Propelled to Heaven, I used my imagination to portray Wanhu, from the Ming Dynasty, the first human in history who attempted to realise his dream of flying by propelling himself into the sky using rockets. I am totally captivated by Wanhu's scientific spirit, and I think China today needs his kind of spirit.'

An exhibition of Yuan's paintings is running at CityU Gallery until September 10.