They said it this week

''I do not believe and nor does the Governor that an agreement is worth any price, although we will do our best to get one.'' - John Major, after the announcement that Britain is prepared to separate legislation required for the 1994 and 1995 elections in a bid to keep the Sino-British talks going.

''The British Government has obviously lost another round.'' - Martin Lee's reaction.

''It's very volatile. I really have to surrender. It's almost like weather forecasting. Nobody could have predicted that the stock market is where it is today.'' - Treasury Secretary Donald Tsang admitting defeat over forecasting the Government's income.

''I've got to go home one day. I'll try by air, by ferry, by train or even by foot.'' - Han Dongfang, after another aborted attempt at entering the mainland.

''The actions of the Commissioner are improper, unlawful and totally unjustifiable.'' - Top ICAC officer Alex Tsui after being sacked. Under the ICAC ordinance, no reason needs to be given.

''I think it is a positive move for the ICAC.'' - Exco member Felice Lieh-Mak.

''They are not animals and it is not a zoo.'' - Human Rights Commission chairman Ho Hei-wah, criticising a plan to open the doors of Kwai Ching mental hospital to the public today.

''I don't think it is suitable to place the Governor in such a situation. He's not the spokesman for Beijing. He's the spokesman for Hong Kong.'' - Director-General of Trade Tony Miller explaining why the Government now prefers low-profile lobbying over MFN in Washington.

''Watching all those tapes will be very tedious. The hard work is just beginning.'' - Superintendent Stuart Wringe, commenting on TELA's latest task, viewing 3,200 hours of porn contained in 6,400 seized videos.

''I see no reason why one needs a permit to return to one's home.'' - Mr Ho again, this time commenting on the issuing of special badges to public housing tenants in a bid to keep triads off the estates.