Words that cause confusion

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 September, 2005, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 September, 2005, 12:00am

Do you know the difference between 'liaise' and 'liaison'?

Liaise (v) - to establish links with someone who works in another department or organisation. When companies or people liaise with each other, they work together and keep each other fully informed.

Liaison (n) - co-operation between two groups, parties or companies

How is the company structured? I design everything, and most of the sampling is done in-house at my studio. I prepare marketing plans and costs, and liaise with suppliers and factories. I employ a part-time assistant, pattern cutter and machinist. We also have student interns.

HKEAA will work with the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicates to ensure the continuity of recognition of standards of the new HKDSE by British universities. The authority will also liaise with parallel bodies in Australia, Canada, mainland China and the US to ensure advanced recognition by other countries.

'So far, we have no information on the actual source of the rubbish, but we will collect the rubbish and analyse it, hoping to find out the source,' deputy director of leisure and cultural services Alan Siu Yu-bun said yesterday after talks with five other government departments about how to tackle the vast increase in seaside filth. If it had floated across the border, they would follow it up and liaise with the mainland authorities, Mr Siu said.

Democratic Party secretary-general Cheung Yin-tung, who was granted a 10-year home entry permit on Monday to attend a course for district councillors, said he hoped there would be more formal liaison with mainland authorities.

Washington told North Korea informally last month that it could consider setting up a liaison office in Pyongyang to normalise relations if North Korea abandoned its nuclear programmes, Kyodo news agency quoted diplomatic sources in Beijing as saying yesterday.The earlier US proposal, however, did not include a liaison office, Kyodo added.

'We have been testing the system for a long time so I only expect very minor problems to arise,' Mr Lau said, adding that a close liaison group involving the MTR Corp, police and the theme park will be in force to handle overcrowding. The MTR Corp said that it aims to capture 40 per cent of all visitors travelling to the theme park.


Fill in the blanks with the correct word: liaise or liaison.

1. We _____________ very closely with each other on legal matters.

2. The company's security officer discovered John's ______________ with Miss Keeler during an investigation of a theft.

3. Amanda Ross is the regional ___________ officer from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

4. The SAR government should ______________ with mainland officials on cross-border issues.

5. The task of the head office is to promote ______________ among local and international branches of the company.

6. John will _____________ with you about the arrangements for the picnic.

Answer: 1. liaise 2. liaison 3. liaison 4. liaise 5. liaison 6. liaise