Management fee far too high

I LIVE in Hong Tin Court, Lam Tin and I am concerned about the substantial increase in the management fee for residents.

The fee increase is higher than the rate of inflation. The inflation rate is about seven to eight per cent at present, but between April 1, 1992 and April 1, 1993, the management fee increased from HK$290 to $330 which is about 13.8 per cent. Recently, we were informed of an increase which will be charged from April 1, 1994, from $330 to $395. This is a rate of about 19.7 per cent. I would like to know from the Housing Department, why it is necessary to make such substantial increases? Also, there are two different sizes of flat in our building, but the same management fee is charged for both. This is unfair for those who live in the smaller sized flat, who are effectively paying 86 cents per square foot, when in the larger flats, theyare paying (in management fee) 62 cents per square foot.