Surprised by jolly taxi driver

ONE morning late last month, I was rushing to join the taxi queue in front of the General Post Office.

Two taxis arrived and picked up the first two passengers. The third pulled up, flung open its door for me to climb inside, and it was then that I was greeted with ''Good Morning, and how are you today?'' and ''Where are you going to this morning M'am?'' I quickly glanced around and realised I was indeed in Hong Kong and not Singapore. At first, I was quite dubious of the driver's intentions and I answered him warily.

To my surprise, this jolly taxi driver continued to amuse me the whole way to Causeway Bay. On arrival at my destination he offered me his card and invited me to call him should I ever require an advance booking.

Such service and effervescent personality must surely be commended. The driver's name is Christopher Wong, and I look forward to our next encounter.