Waiter found with 'ice'

A WAITER who was caught with nearly 120 grams of the drug ''ice'' in his possession less than a day after he was fined $2,000 for theft was yesterday sentenced to nine years' jail by the High Court.

Mr Justice Leonard noted that Lai Kwok-hung had maintained that part of the drugs seized was for his own use although a medical report expressed the view that he was not an addict.

Lai, 22, admitted one count of trafficking in dangerous drugs and one of simple possession of drugs.

Police laid ambush in Tsuen Wan Plaza on March 9. Lai was stopped and 119 grams of ''ice'' were found.

Under caution, Lai said that the drugs were partly for his own consumption and partly for his friends.

Lai's counsel, Paul Loughran, said the Crown was unable to specify what portion of the drugs was for his client's friends and what portion was for his own use.