Expand your vocabulary

The highlighted words have been chosen from the South China Morning Post's top news stories to help you improve your word power

Facing reporters alone at a press conference at the Hong Kong Club, Mr Tien said he had tendered his resignation to Mr Tsang on Saturday morning and had left it to Mr Tsang to decide when he should step down.

The board of the KCRC will hold an emergency meeting today in a bid to find a solution to the dispute between the corporation's chairman and acting chief executive.

The changes at the top came only a day after a feud between Mr Lai and KCRC chairman Michael Tien Puk-sun appeared to have been resolved.

Announcing his resignation to the media yesterday, Samuel Lai said: 'I volunteered the resignation without pressure from anybody. I feel like I should bear sole responsibility for my colleagues' mistakes, and be accountable for all the adverse impact their action has brought upon the company.'

More evidence emerged yesterday of security breaches making personal particulars available on the internet, as police chiefs scrambled to plug a loophole that allowed private details of complainants against the police to be leaked.


The off-duty constable, Tsui Po-ko, 35, was also killed in the shootout in Tsim Sha Tsui in the early hours of yesterday.

'The park has only been in operation for about half a year and in terms of working together, I can tell you, many frontline police colleagues have had bad experiences,' the officer said. 'They feel a government enforcement department is being overridden, for example, we have to get their approval before we can do something.'

In the first action of its kind in Hong Kong, a man is being sued by seven record companies for illegally uploading music to the internet.



resignation - the act of leaving a job or position in a company or organisation

dispute - a disagreement or argument


feud - a bitter quarrel (between two or more parties)

bear sole responsibility for - take the blame entirely for (something that has taken place)

security breaches - failure to protect someone or something, in this case personal data, that could pose a danger to someone's safety


shootout - a fight involving guns with the intention to kill or injure someone

overridden - overruled, usually by someone with more authority

uploading music - transferring music files from someone's computer to another computer or the internet


Complete the sentences using the above words

1. John said he would _____________________ the project's failure.

2. Top intelligence officers were exposed after ___________ at the state department.

3. Two people were killed in a _____________ involving drug dealers in Mongkok.

4. The teacher felt that her freedom to choose teaching materials has been _____________ the school.

5. The _______ between the US and North Korea could have a strong impact on world peace.

6. The managing director's ____________ caused an uproar among the company's employees.

7. The pay _________ between the company executives and the labour union is over.

8. Many young people are _______________ onto the internet without thinking about the consequences.

Answers: 1. bear sole responsibility for 2. security breaches 3. shootout 4. overridden 5. feud 6. resignation 7. dispute 8. uploading music