'Business here is very poor. The highest daily turnover so far is only slightly more than $100. Although my two other stores at Mongkok Centre cost me a monthly rent of $20,000 each, I can make money there'

Mei Yin has leased two shops at $1 a month each at Causeway 2 since March, selling casual fashion wear and shoes

'We will not renew the leases for all three shops after the contract expires in October. But I believe the landlord is harsh to ask for a market rate of about $8,000 a month. Of the three stores, only the one offering a palm-reading service is contributing revenue'

Leo Cheung and his wife Tammy Kwong have leased three shops at $3 a month, selling silver tableware, candles and fortune-telling services

'It is difficult to see walk-in shoppers here. But I offer my toys on the internet, and the shops here are just for display. If I was not using this business model, it would be hard to generate business here'

Ken, who closed his big stores at West Kowloon Centre in Shamshuipo because of high rents,

has leased four stores for a monthly rent of $4. He sells limited edition Japanese toys